CU Theory Student Seminar

This group is a setting for PhD students and postdocs in the theory group at Columbia to get together once a week to socialize and learn from each other. Our meetings are a mix of research and paper presentations, practice talks, and open problem sessions. We communicate primarily on the theory-phd mailing list. Feel free to reach out to Jason, or Rashida if you'd like to give a talk, join the mailing list, or have any questions!

Fall 2023

We are meeting at 12:30pm every Tuesday in CSB 480. The organizers for this semester are Jason and Rashida.

when topic presenter notes
9/19 Fiat-Shamir for Bounded-Depth Adversaries Tianqi
9/26 The Fine-Grained Complexity of Dynamic Programming Hantao
10/3 On the Pauli Spectrum of QAC0 Natalie
10/17 TBD TBD
10/24 TBD TBD
10/31 TBD TBD
11/7 Production Networks Resilience: Cascading Failures, Power Laws and Optimal Interventions Marios Papachristou
11/14 TBD TBD
11/21 TBD TBD
11/28 TBD TBD
12/5 TBD TBD
12/12 TBD TBD
12/19 TBD TBD

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