CU Theory Student Seminar

This group is a setting for PhD students and postdocs in the theory group at Columbia to get together once a week to socialize and learn from each other. Our meetings are a mix of research and paper presentations, practice talks, and open problem sessions. We communicate primarily on the theory-phd mailing list (and also on the Columbia CS PhD Slack). Feel free to reach out to Miranda or Shivam if you'd like to give a talk, join the mailing list, or have any questions!

Spring 2022

We'll be meeting at 12:30pm every Thursday in CSB 488.

when topic presenter notes
2/3 Algebraic Algorithms Using Exterior Algebra Dean
2/10 Grothendieck's Inequality Shivam
2/17 A jumbled mess of a conversation about efficient neural network approximation Clayton
2/24 Dynamical Systems, Games, and Topology: an introduction Jason
3/3 Nonlocal games, compression theorems and the arithmetical hierarchy Hamoon
3/10 Entropic Estimation of Optimal Transport Maps Aram
3/24 Hardness of Distributed Optimization Yuval
3/31 Markov Decision Processes and Connections to the Simplex Algorithm Miranda
4/7 Derandomization, Pigeonhole Principles, and Space-Time Tradeoffs Oliver
4/14 Balancing sets via random walks Shyamal
4/21 A short survey of learning with bounded memory Yasaman
4/28 Problem Fair Yuval, Hamoon, Roy
5/5 Problem Fair Dean, Pranav
5/12 Problem Fair Misc

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