CU Theory Student Seminar

This group is a setting for PhD students and postdocs in the theory group at Columbia to get together once a week to socialize and learn from each other. Our meetings are a mix of research and paper presentations, practice talks, and open problem sessions. We communicate primarily on the theory-phd mailing list (and also on the Columbia CS PhD Slack). Feel free to reach out to Jason, or Rashida if you'd like to give a talk, join the mailing list, or have any questions!

Spring 2023

We are meeting at 2pm every Thursday in CSB 453.

when topic presenter notes
1/26 Active Learning Polynomial Threshold Functions Hantao
2/2 Revenue-optimal auctions: the classics Jason The framework of DSIC auctions with bids, dominant-strategy revelation principle, welfare and revenue maximization
2/9 Revenue-optimal auctions: the continuation of the classics Jason virtual valuation functions, the Bulow-Klemperer theorem
2/16 Recent developments in the complexity of computing a Tarski fixed point Yuhao
2/23 Testing Convex Truncation Shivam
3/2 Transfer Learning and Model Selection Yasaman
3/9 Universal Learning for Multiclass Classification Alkis Kalavasis
3/23 Contract Theory: Introduction and Robustness Rashida
3/30 Semidefinite Programming in Discrepancy Theory Shyamal
4/6 Online Convex Optimization with Unbounded Memory Raunak Kumar
4/13 TBD Binghui
4/20 TBD Oliver
4/27 TBD TBD
5/11 TBD TBD

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